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All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.

As the emergence of dominant women grows, more submissive men come out of their shells and admit to themselves that they would love to be with an authoritative, aggressive woman. There are new magazines, erotic art, illustrated stories, internet sites and other resources dedicated to the strong, bossy type female. Magazines about female bodybuilders are sold in every newsstand. Lifestyle dominatrixes that practice discipline methods with their sex partners, appear in classifieds. Erotic artists such as Eric Stanton, Bill Ward, Eneg, John Willie, Manara that create erotica, erotic novels, erotic drawings, erotic comics and illustrations become more and more in demand. Spanking, whipping, humiliation, training, punishment, role reversal, forced feminization, and other terms that were known only to SM and BDSM circles, appear now in casual publications. There is a far greater number of submissive males that would like to be dominated or abused during sex, than we think. There is also a great number of transvestites ( TV ), crossdressers and shemales, as well as the women that want to be with them.

This site is intended only for the assertive, powerful, and forceful woman that likes to be in control and in charge of her submissive man. It is also intended for the husband, boyfriend, employee or any other man that wishes to be dominated by his wife, girlfriend, boss or any other authoritative female.

There is a fine line between fantasy and realitywhen it comes to subjects such as bondage, domination, submission, transexuality and role reversal. The inability of women and men to satisfy urges which could entail pain, torture, dildo abuse, spanking, slapping, belting, paddling and other kinks, stem from their hesitation to reveal their true desires from the first date and even throughout a lengthy relationship. There is a plethora of women that dream of turning their man into their slave, and the same is true for men, who dream of seeing their partner as their mistress. If they could only turn the time back into the matriarchy period of history. At least they can move a step further towards realizing their fantasies within the world of Femmes In Charge.

If it is about a bossy wife whipping her disobedient husband … a sadistic female bodybuilder raping her powerless boyfriend…a stern aunt punishing her college dropout nephew…a violent mother-in-law exercising discipline on her fickle son-in-law… a muscular police woman abducting her helpless victim… an authoritative wife reversing the roles on her receptive husband… a strict college professor chastising her unruly student… an amazon like boss scolding and strapping her tearful assistant…… you belong here.

The material of this site is intended ONLY for women and men that need to be part of a female dominant - male submissive relationship.

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These were very sadistic women, who advocated female brutality. Artists such as Eric Stanton and Bill Ward did erotic drawings about cock and ball torture. Such a woman, she disciplined her disobedient husband and when he was tearful, she satisfied her foot fetish and her trampling. As a police officer, she wanted muscle worship and to wear uniforms, while he wanted to be under female domination, as well as follow matriarchy as her submissive man. She pulled his hair, chocked him with asphyxia, and blew his way to satisfy her smoke fetish.
Obviously, to satisfy her sadism and punish him, she will give him a face slap or ball busting or whip him or smothering him. After all she was the domineering mistress or domina for this slave. Even watersports or golden showers were done by this dominatrix, as well as humiliation for his masochism. She is a sadist and pain with belting or paddling or caning is her thing. As a giantess and goddess, she enjoys muscle domination and worship as well as slapping and spitting on him. Finally, she will give him his spanking, while been feminized and applying role reversal, even fisting for this transvestite or transexual, as her maid queer male to.
While she is into anal sex and women fucking men with a strapon, or the authoritative boss with her strap on, the stern wife fucks her man with a dildo. She is bitchy with her strap-on, a truly violent female, a sadistic woman, which could be a strict mother in law, both a bossy and controling bitch.

He was an abused man married to an abusive wife. He had a very stern wife. Her and her family were very authoritative women. She was a very violent female. He also had a strict mother in law. After time, she became a very violent woman, with a lot of sadistic instincts. To the point that she was a female rapist and enjoyed spanking movies, seeing dildo videos, reading strapon stories He would draw some great role reversal drawings. Her fetish needs were satisfied with bondage and spitting videos, cbt pictures, as well as trampling videos and facesitting stories and finally, smothering drawings.